More than Baseball - The Miracle League

It’s more Than Baseball - The Miracle League gives children and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities plus their families and friends an opportunity to enjoy America’s favorite pastime – Baseball!  The Miracle League is a national organization based out of Atlanta of which our league, the Miracle League of Arkansas, is a part.  The Miracle League of Arkansas has a field in Little Rock and, because of the Rotary Club of Springdale and many of our generous partners, we have a field in Springdale that will serve all of Northwest Arkansas.  The Miracle League of Arkansas is run by Peggy McCall and a Board of Directors.  Additionally, there is an advisory board for the Northwest Arkansas league.

What makes The Miracle League field so special is that it provides a totally barrier-free field. This field is integrated into the Randall Tyson Sports Complex promoting inclusion and better understanding of all individuals who want to enjoy the sport of baseball. If you want to be involved as a volunteer in NWA, please contact or donate online and learn more about the Miracle League of Arkansas at We need your help as buddies, donors, and much more. Don’t wait! Get involved today!