Rotary Adventure Park

In 2012-13, the Club partnered with the City of Springdale to re-build the existing playground for children with disabilities located just south of the Miracle League fields on the east side of Tyson Park. The goal was to design a place where people of all ages and abilities can come together and have a fun adventure.
The existing play equipment was removed and the site leveled to allow for better visibility. New play equipment and individual learning stations are connected by a series of accessible ramps leading up to an elevated central pavilion. The play equipment along adventure path is designed to engage children in not only physical activities, but to stimulate discovery of their world through experiencing a series of stations exploring seven different senses.
Fabric canopies and trees provide shade during the hot summer months.  The area around the play equipment is covered with a shock absorbent rubberized material that is ADA compliant and designed to reduce danger from falls.

Our Club is proud of this conribution to the City of Springdale where everyone can play!