Rotary Book Barrels

The Rotary Club of Springdale's "Book Barrels" are our version of the Little Free Library Project, where people are invited to "Take a Book" and "Share a Book." Designed by Springdale Rotarian and architect Steve Miller to complement the Rotary Adventure Park, the accessible playground rededicated by the Club in 2013, the Book Barrels are large enough to hold books for both children and adults. Rotarians painted, assembled, and installed 5 Book Barrels around Springdale. The colorful Barrels emblazoned with the Rotary wheel are attractive ambassadors for the Club and Rotary International. The Book Barrels were dedicated with a picnic and ribbon-cutting at Rotary Park on June 4, 2018. Club members monitor the Book Barrels to replace books as needed. This project combined Springdale Rotary's traditions of projects focused on parks and literacy.