New Food Pantries in Springdale

Friday, May 7, 2021

The Rotary Club of Springdale announced its latest project to improve the lives of people in Springdale: three Little Free Pantries stocked with nonperishable food items. The Three Little Free Pantries are installed at Springdale's Senior Center, the Youth Center, and adjacent to the Rotary Adventure Park on 48th Street.

From President Greg Collier: "This Project wouldn’t have happened without the help of Springdale Rotarians, and I’d like to take a moment to recognize some of them. Again, these are ALL Springdale Rotarians! Steve Miller was instrumental in helping get the project off the ground! He provided materials for the pantries and purchased the first pantry himself. Heather Lind and Cram-A-Lot assembled and delivered the Pantries. Ron Amos with Minuteman Press donated and installed the signage. Jeri Hill provided the Rotary plates. Steve Langton with Ace Handyman, permanently installed the structures. Mayor Sprouse and Patsy Christie gave their blessing from the City to do this project. And then finally, our membership gave of their money in the form of dues to purchase and stock the pantries.

"Our hope at Springdale Rotary is that those in our community needing assistance will use these pantries, and those in our community that are able to, will help stock them. This has been a blessing to our Club, and we look forward to continuing to serve our city, state, and beyond."

Those in need are invited to take what they need. We invite the community to join us in supporting the health and nutrition of our community by contributing what they can to the pantries. All items should be nonperishable and packaged in non-glass durable packaging.


Christmas Food Baskets

For the third year in a row, the Rotary Club of Springdale distributed groceries to families of students at Lee and Jones Elementary Schools in Springdale to help combat food insecurity over the Christmas holiday school break.  The Club orders the groceries weeks in advance, selecting items to be both nutritious and kid-friendly. Members meet the week before school dismisses for the holidays to sort and sack groceries and deliver them to the elementary schools. School counselors then distribute the bags to students' families. Since beginning in December 2018, this project has doubled each year, and in 2020, we were proud to be able to deliver 800 bags of groceries to Springdale students. Share

Third Grade Literacy/Student Home Libraries

Each year, the Rotary Club of Springdale purchases three books for each third grade student in the Springdale Public School District. Students who have books to read at home are likely to read more than students who do not, and reading is critical to student success. Books are selected for the students based on the students' individual reading levels as assessed by their teachers. Members of our Club visit each classroom to talk with students about Rotary and community service, the importance of reading and education, and to present the books to the students. Book Delivery Day is one of our Favorite Days in Rotary!Share

COVID-19 Response

The Rotary Club of Springdale supported our First Responders and Frontline workers through the COVID-19 pandemic by providing meals for our police department, fire department, medical personnel at Northwest Health, the Community Clinic, the city's Senior Center, and Public Works. We are honored to provide meals for these critical workers as a way to show our community's appreciation as they live out Rotary's motto of Service Above Self. The Club provided over 2800 meals through the Community Lunch Program.Share

Springdale Rotary Charitable Trust Gives $5,000 to Springdale Schools Robotics Team

Monday, October 7, 2019
The Springdale School District's Robotics Team at the Don Tyson School of Innovation was the winner of the national robotics competition.  The team will represent the entire United States at the international competition in Dubai later this month.   The Springdale Rotary Club's Charitable Trust donated $5,000 to the team along with other community donors to assist with cost associated with transportation of the team and their equipment to Dubai.  Initally, not all team members could go due to the expense of travel and freight.  The students have also been doing fundraising on their own to help with expenses.  Springdale Rotarians pictured with the team from left to right:  Treasurer Sabra Jeffus, Secretary Clinton Bell, Randall Harriman (in back), President Heath Ward presenting the check to the team, and far right, Rotarian and State Representative Clint Penzo.                         Share

End Polio Now

Why are our Pinkies Purple?

So you will ask, and we can tell you that there is this devastating disease called POLIO that has killed and paralyzed hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, mostly children under five. There is NO CURE for polio, but there is a VACCINE, and thanks to a vaccine, the United States saw its last case of polio in 1979. But while the United States was polio-free, children around the world continued to suffer, so in 1985 ROTARY launched its PolioPlus program, the first initiative to tackle global polio eradication through the mass vaccination of children. Since 1988 we have reduced the number of cases 99.9%, and in 2020, the World Health Organization certified the African region wild polio-free!

While this is a huge accomplishment, it is not enough, because unless polio is completely eradicated, it could come roaring back with as many as 200,000 new cases a year within 10 years! No child is safe, because polio is literally only a plane ride away. Around the world Rotary and its partners are working to vaccinate every last child against this devastating illness, and children’s pinkies are often marked in PURPLE to show volunteers that they have received the vaccine.

The Rotary Club of Springdale joins Rotarians all over the world in marking World Polio Day each year. On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, Mayor Doug Sprouse proclaimed World Polio Day in Springdale. Rotarians gathered at Jose's Bar & Grill for an End Polio Purple Margarita Special, and, for every purple margarita sold, Jose's donated $2 to the Rotary Foundation's PolioPlus fund to help rid the world of polio. In 2018, the Club raised money for PolioPlus with the sale of our Polos for Polio. In 2019 and 2020, the Club held a Happy Hour fundraiser at the Odd Soul in Downtown Springdale. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation matches every dollar raised 2:1!

WHEN we eradicate polio, it will be only the second human disease eliminated from the world. Come join us and help make history!


Four Way Test Speech Contest

The Four-Way Test

Of the things we think, say or do:

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Attention High School Students in Springdale

The Rotary Club of Springdale, Arkansas invites high school students from the Springdale community to present a speech on the subject of Rotary’s Four-Way Test. Participating students are asked to select a subject and apply the Four-Way Test to their thoughts or decision. The Four-Way Test is one of the key elements of Rotary.

The top three students receive a cash prize. The winner of the Springdale Rotary contest will then go on to compete at the District level.  Winner at the District level contest will receive a significant college scholarship.

Would you like to participate in the contest? Contact us today!


Wheelchair Project

Since 2003, the Rotary Club of Springdale has partnered with the American Wheelchair Mission to help bring mobility to the world. The American Wheelchair Mission is a non-profit organization with a goal to deliver brand new, free wheelchairs and mobility aids to physically disabled children, teens and adults throughout the world who are without mobility or the means to acquire a wheelchair. The American Wheelchair Mission will continue to change the lives of entire families with the gifts of hope, dignity, freedom and independence.

Springdale Rotarians conduct an annual campaign to help raise money for the American Wheelchair Mission. Each chair costs $150.00. The club estimates one wheelchair affects the lives of more than 10 people who support the mobility-challenged individual. The club has donated more than 10,000 chairs, and by getting other clubs in Rotary District 6110 involved, together they have provided more than 13,500 wheelchairs. Each year club members, at their own expense, help deliver the chairs to people in a different city. Chairs have also been distributed in Springdale and Northwest Arkansas.


Rodeo of the Ozarks

For more than 65 years Springdale Rotary Club members have served as ushers for the annual Rodeo of the Ozarks held in Springdale each summer. Ushers direct attendees to their seats, answer questions, represent our city and our club, and earn funds for our many projects in Springdale.


Rotary Book Barrels

The Rotary Club of Springdale's "Book Barrels" are our version of the Little Free Library Project, where people are invited to "Take a Book" and "Share a Book." Designed by Springdale Rotarian and architect Steve Miller to complement the Rotary Adventure Park, the accessible playground rededicated by the Club in 2013, the Book Barrels are large enough to hold books for both children and adults. Rotarians painted, assembled, and installed 5 Book Barrels around Springdale. The colorful Barrels emblazoned with the Rotary wheel are attractive ambassadors for the Club and Rotary International. The Book Barrels were dedicated with a picnic and ribbon-cutting at Rotary Park on June 4, 2018. Club members monitor the Book Barrels to replace books as needed. This project combined Springdale Rotary's traditions of projects focused on parks and literacy.